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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of midsole construction on the mechanics of bowling delivery. Twelve participants performed five candle bowling ball deliveries in three footwear conditions (barefoot, traditional and modified with E-TPU). Both kinematic and kinetic analyses were conducted. The results of the barefoot condition showed hip, knee and ankle joints at 92.3 ± 9.9°, 133.0 ± 14.5°, and 111.6 ± 11.2°, respectively, which were not significantly different from the modified condition of 93.9 ± 9.9° (p =.289) 132.1 ± 14.5° (p =.758), and 117.7 ± 9.4° (p =.123). Also, no significant difference was found in peak vertical force to body weight ratio. These findings provide a preliminary understanding on the effects of footwear on bowling delivery. Future studies are warranted to evaluate 3D motion analysis with experienced bowlers at the bowling alley.