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The aim of this study was to prospectively report non-contact injury incidence and causes in U.S. men’s Rugby-7s players (n=446) over 2010-2015, using the Rugby Injury Survey & Evaluation (RISE) methodology. Non-contact injuries (time-loss 25%; medical attention 75%) had higher rates among backs (62%; 28.4/1000ph) than forwards (38%; 23.2/1000ph; RR:1.22; p=0.05). Non-contact injuries resulted in an average of 48.7days (d) absence from sport (classic non-contact 48.1d; other non-contact 77.0d). Acute injuries (85%) were most common during attempts to elude a tackle (31%) and in running/open play (48% overall; from 35% in 2010, 41% in 2011, 52% in 2012, 43% in 2013, 46% in 2014, 70% in 2015). Most non-contact injuries (44%) occurred during the first two tournament matches. These results provide much needed data on Rugby-7s, impacting emerging countries.