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We examined the effects of baton exchange pair strategies on the college students‘ relay performance in physical education (PE) class. The subject included 72 students in relay PE class. A multiple regression analysis was conducted by setting 2 x 50 m relay time as an dependent variable and the sum of each personal 50-m run time (50RT) for a baton exchange pair (Σ50RT), delta of each 50RT (Δ50RT), and distance between from the start line of baton exchange zone and the receiver’s position to start running (dSL) as independent variables. All independent variables were significant; the coefficient of determination of the multiple regression model was 0.601 (P < 0.05). The Σ50RT as physical resource accounted for 31.6%, Δ50RT for 16.9%, and dSL for 11.6% of the variance of 2 x 50 m run time. Thus, Δ50RT and dSL were considered important in strategy.