Injury prevention

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The purpose of this study was to examine if tight hips would effect a dynamic activity such as the squat. Twenty subjects with squat experience were evaluated for hip contracture, 8 subjects were found to have iliopsoas contracture and 12 were found to have rectus femoris contracture. Two mixed model repeated measures ANOVAs were completed on hip flexion angles during a squat between a group with and without hip contracture for the iliopsoas and rectus femoris. A significant difference was found for the Iliopsoas (p=.014) and rectus femoris (p=.002) for the main effect of repetition. However, the interaction was not significant for iliopsoas (p=.20) or rectus femoris (p=.10). No significant differences were found between the hip contracture groups for the iliopsoas (p=.10) or the rectus femoris (p=.68), indicating tight hips do not have an impact on squat technique.