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Hip rotation range of motion (ROM) is usually measured in a non-weight bearing (NWB) status, however, people participate in sporting activities when in a weight-bearing (WB) condition. Since measuring in a WB status may be more relevant, the purpose of the study was to compare WB hip rotation ROM measures with a NWB active, prone (AP) measure. The investigators measured 112 participant’s (19.3±1.4 yrs., 174.0±11.9 cm, 73.0±12.6 kg) bilateral hip internal rotation (IR) and external rotation (ER) in both WB and NWB conditions. Paired t-tests were used to test for significant differences with an alpha of (p< .05). AP IR measures (37.0 ± 9.8 and 36.7 ± 8.4) were significantly greater than WB IR measures ( 20.9 ± 9.4 and 23.2 ± 8.7) and WB ER measures (42.1 ± 11.8 and 38.3 ± 11.4) were significantly greater than AP ER measures (31.1 ± 7.0 and 26.2 ± 5.7). Hip rotation ROM peak values differ significantly between the two measurement methods and should be considered when measuring athletes.