Growth and aging

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The aim of this study was to compare the footfall pattern (FP) in different age groups of preschool children while they ran in standard running shoes (SRS) and barefoot. Forty-eight children aged 3-6 years participated in the study and were split into 4 age groups (n=12). All children performed a simple running game (based on the shuffle run) in SRS and barefoot. The length of the runway was adjusted for each age group. Kinematic and kinetic data were collected using 3-D motion capture system. We analyzed strike index (SI) and sagittal plane ankle angle (AA) at initial contact (IC) from 6 successful running trials for each child in each condition. We found differences between conditions in both SI (p=0.000, η2=0.448) and AA (p=0.000, η2=0.259) respectively, but we did not find any differences among age groups. Moreover, we found an interaction between age and conditions in AA (p=0.019, η2= 0.201). In preschool children, FP changed differently in certain age groups according to the footwear condition.