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This study aimed at comparing a prototype of a new Start Information System (SIS) with a World Athletics (WA) certified SIS which was used in competition. Twenty sprinters performed sprints under simulated race conditions. Response time (RT) was recorded by the WA certified SIS and the new SIS prototype based on a custom force plate and a new event detection algorithm to assess RT as the onset of arm force reaction. The mean value from RT recorded by the new SIS prototype for trials for which the RT given by the WA certified SIS were ranged between 100 ms and 119 ms (RT WA 100-119 ms) was 0.047±0.019 s. This result highlighted RTWA 100-119 ms were probably false start according to the theoretical minimum auditory RT, despite being valid by the current WA regulation. The revisited new SIS prototype technologies were more appropriate to detect false start in athletics.