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The purpose of this study was to identify differences on change of direction performance, perceived traction performance and available friction coefficient between two different futsal playing surfaces. Functional test and perceived traction evaluation were performed by twenty experienced male university level soccer players using slalom course on two different playing surfaces (area-elastic:AE and point-elastic:PE). Available friction coefficient (AFC) for each playing surface was mechanically measured using a hydraulic-powered moving force platform. In the functional test, participants were found to perform significantly better on PE when compared to AE surface (p<0.001). PE surface was also found to have higher perceived traction performance (p<0.001). It was suggested that significantly higher AFC observed on the PE surface compared with AE surface (p<0.001) may contribute to the observed findings. This study succeeded in demonstrating the performance of change of direction run was significantly influenced by the playing surface traction and frictional properties.