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Power-Force-velocity (P-F-v) profiling is an approach used for performance diagnostics to assess an athlete’s anaerobic performance level. The aim of the study was to determine and compare the test-retest reliability of the 5p-method and the 2p-method for a group of sport students. With respect to the 2p-method this was the first study to determine the reliability using an independent data-set for vertical jumps. Acceptable reliability (ICC > 0.78, CV < 7.6%, no significant differences) was obtained for the variables F0, v0 and Pmax obtained through the 5p-method. Using the 2p-method acceptable reliability was just found for the variables F0 and Pmax. Therefore, the use of the 5p-method is recommended for performance diagnostics and derived individualized training regimes based on these P-F-v profiling results, as well as for research on this topic involving populations similar to sport students.