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This study examined the effect of different spring cane tips on measures of peak vertical ground reaction forces (GRFs) transferred to the cane and foot during walking. Thirty-three participants were fitted with a T-Scope Knee Brace® to simulate a knee flexion contracture. Participants performed cane-aided walking tests under four different spring cane conditions. Each participant walked five trials for each cane tip over two force plates to measure GRFs for the cane and foot respectively. Four (spring cane tip conditions) x two (cane and foot) repeated measures ANOVA was conducted on measures of vertical GRFs. This analysis revealed a significant main effect on measures of vertical GRFs between the cane and foot, F(1,32) = 225.79,p < .05, η2 = .876. This outcome has implications for cane tip designs to prevent upper extremity injuries occurring due to cane use.