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The track start kick plate position is often decided by the level of comfort of the swimmer. The purpose of this study was to use shin length as a measure to determine kick plate position and effects on performance. 20 elite swimmers performed 3 starts at 3 kick plate distances (< shin length, shin length, and > shin length). Differences in reaction time, block phase time (BT), flight phase time, flight distance, underwater phase time, time to the 15 m mark, knee flexion and ankle dorsiflexion angles were examined between the positions. BT was significantly different, (F(2,38)=4.264, p=.026). BT was lower when the kick plate distance was one shin’s length versus < shin length (0.691+0.055 vs 0.715+0.056 sec) and > shin length (0.691+0.055 vs 0.698+0.056 sec), p<.05. Shin length is a quick and individualized measure that can be used by coaches to set the kick plate position without compromising performance.