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The purpose of this study was to investigate the eccentric hamstring strength of Gaelic footballers during the season. The Nordic hamstring exercise was used to determine maximal hamstring eccentric Torque using the Nordbord testing system™. A total of 67 players were tested in pre-season as described previously by Opar et al. (2013). Injury data was recorded directly via questionnaire from each participant. 117 players were tested in the preseason, 98 in the in-season and a combined total of 67 players tested in both in-season and pre-season and included in the study. There was no difference in eccentric torque for in both preseason (121±25 v124±27, p>0.641) and late in-season (124±29 v 128±22, p>0.7997) when comparing injured and non injured groups. A previous hamstring injury produced a 32.88 RR. In club Gaelic footballers pre-season eccentric strength in the Nordic exercise is not a pre-requisite for the prevention of future HSI while previous HSI is a strong risk factor.