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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify kinematic characteristics of stroking upper extremity during final stroke when an elite snooker player using stop shots and compared them with the description of technical books. Methods: The participant was Stephen Maguire, an elite player and the data was recorded by Qualisys Analysis System. The sucessful stop shots was performed 3 times totally. Results: The hitting moment occurs near the minimum value of the forearm angle, as well as the elbow-shoulder-wrist projecting angle remained stable and was less than -4°. There was little displacement of the shoulder joint and the elbow joint. The Coefficient of Multiple Correlation (CMC) of all three joint movements in an upper limb was greater than 0.95. Conclusion: The elite snooker player might have a stable movement pattern in final stroke and the stop shot is not a pendulum movement theoretically. Elbow joint is in the inner side of shoulder and wrist joint and hitting moment always occurs when the elbow joint is at lowest position.