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This study aimed to explore the key factors which influenced the performance of back-spin shots in cue sports. Nineteen male cue sports players with varied levels of playing experience were recruited. A back-spin shot test was administrated requiring participants to make the cue ball return to a specific area after potting an object ball. The performance of the back-spin test was evaluated by calculating an error distance using video analysis. The kinematics of the cue stick were determined using a 3D motion capture system. Multiple linear regression was applied to predict the performance of the back-spin shots based on selected kinematic variables of the cue stick. The results showed that the speed (p = .004) and height (p = .028) of the cue tip at impact were significant predictors of the back-spin performance. In conclusion, players should hit the lower part of the cue ball with high cue stick speed for better performance in a back-spin shot.