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This study investigated the relationship between shoe heel density (HD), toe density (TD) and the peak ground reaction force (GRF) and rate of force development (RFD) during jumping. This study also assessed the reliability of the durometer to assess shoe soles. Subjects included 12 men. Shoe HD and TD were assessed via durometer and kinetics were determined during the countermovement jump on a force platform. A Pearson bivariate correlation analysis was performed. Results reveal that HD was not correlated with GRF (r = -.22, p = .50) or RFD (r = -.14, p = .67). Similarly, TD was not correlated with GRF (r = -.29, p = .37) or RFD (r = -.28, p = .37). Intraclass correlation coefficients for the heel and toe durometer were .95 and .92, respectively. Jumping kinetics were not mediated by shoe sole characteristics, though the durometer was reliable for assessing shoe soles.