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This study aimed to clarify the kinematic factors of hurdle hitting and its effect on the performance in 110-m Hurdles. Three male hurdlers volunteered. The trial which from start to the second hurdle was conducted about 20 times and these trials were recorded by motion capture system with 240 Hz. From all trials, 19 Non-Hitting Trials (NHT) and 33 Hitting Trials (HT) were classified. Kinematic variables and hitting grade, which is a value obtained by root mean square of the acceleration of hurdle’s bar, were calculated. As a result, the cause of hitting the hurdle was the low height of centre of mass (CoM) of the body at the take-off. Moreover, hitting grade was correlated with decrease in velocity by hurdle hitting during the hurdle clearance phase (r = 0.43). Furthermore, a decrease in running speed after landing at the first hurdle was also confirmed in HT trials.