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The approach lengths in running single-leg jumps (RSLJs) vary depending on various sports. We examined the effects of approach length on joint kinetics in RSLJ. We analysed RSLJs for height from the approaches of 1, 3, 5, and 7 steps by 10 male jumpers. The approach length did not have a main effect on hip extension torque (from 3.18±0.46 to 3.41±0.65 Nm/kg), while the hip abduction torque increased with increase in approach length (from 1.84±0.38 to 2.62±0.66 Nm/kg). The lumbosacral lateral flexors behaved similarly to the hip abductors. Results suggest that the greater frontal torques must be exerted from longer approaches whereas the greater hip extensors are important for RSLJs from shorter approaches. The findings provide the information for athletes what torque exertion ability should be trained with a priority depending on their approach lengths.