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Swing bowling is an important facet of cricket, however, it has received little consideration from researchers. This study compared the bowling action and initial ball flight kinematics of inswing and outswing deliveries in 15 (male = 12, female = 3) pathway and high-performance medium and fast pace bowlers. Participants delivered the ball with their forearm, hand and the seam of the ball angled towards and away from the batter for inswing and outswing with an extended wrist flexing at ball release. Therefore, significant differences were found in forearm orientation (p < 0.001), hand orientation (p < 0.001), seam azimuth angle (p < 0.001) and swing angle (p < 0.001). By identifying similarities and differences of inswing and outswing, this study could benefit coaches to improve swing bowling performance in bowlers and provide a foundation for future research.