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The proximal-to-distal force transfer of the kinetic chain in overarm throwing has well-established movements. The nature of the transfer of momentum from the lower trunk to the shoulder during an overarm throw remains to be determined. This study explored correlations between angular momentum about the superior-inferior axis of the lower trunk and compressive and anterior shear forces at the shoulder in experienced baseball players as they made maximum effort throws from the outfield. We found no association between the maximum lower trunk angular momentum during the arm cocking phase and shoulder joint anterior shear force at ball release (r = 0.149, p = 0.244, 95% CI [0.165, 0.133]) or shoulder joint compressive force at ball release (r = 0.222, p = 0.149, 95% CI [0.226, 0.218]). Even experienced athletes may be inefficient at transferring momentum.