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Vaulting places considerable load on the upper limbs which can be associated with pain and injury. This study aims to use forearm-mounted IMUs to quantify forearm segmental loading and symmetry when performing foundation to advanced-level vaults. Twelve artistic gymnasts (female, n= 6; male, n= 6) wore bilateral forearm-mounted IMUs while completing their vault training sessions. The peak resultant acceleration (PRA) for the leading and non-leading forearms during hand contact was calculated. Descriptive statistics (median and IQR) and symmetry index scores (SI%) were calculated between the lead and non-lead forearms. High asymmetrical loading during vault contact was identified for some Yurchenko (SI%= 3.7-37.6%), Handspring (SI%= 7.7-21.0%) and Tsukahara vaults (SI%= 2.0-28.8%). Limb asymmetries varied between skills and gymnasts, highlighting that individual screening is needed to identify gymnasts with higher injury risk.