Muscle & Tendon

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To facilitate exercise prescription, this study compared the function of six lower limb musculotendon units during plyometric exercises with running. Fourteen distance runners performed overground running (3.89 m/s), bounding, and hurdle jumps. Computational simulations were used to compare musculotendon unit function, peak powers, and total work. Compared to running, the hurdle jumps had greater gluteus maximus peak power absorption (12.1%; SMD 0.65), and gluteus maximus (15.7%; SMD 0.51) and soleus (16.5%; SMD 0.92) total negative work. Hurdle jumps may be an appropriate exercise when higher eccentric loads of the gluteus maximus and soleus are required. Compared to running, bounding had increased gastrocnemius total negative work (63.8%; SMD 0.81) and may be suitable when eccentric overload of the gastrocnemius is desired.