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The purpose of this initiative was to use published breast biomechanics methods to develop a bra testing service which steamlined funder engagement, generated income and research data. Following the set up of the Bra Testing Unit (2014), testing packages were sold which establish sports bra performance. To do this, appropriately sized volunteers (n=3,612) were recruited to run bare-breasted and in various sports bras (n=301). Breast movement reduction (% support) and subjective measures, were collected and sports bra support compared across all bras tested. This initiative has streamlined engagement, generated income through 48 package sales to 25 companies worldwide (start-ups to global brands) and is self-sustaining, supporting a biomechanics researcher and offering student opportunities. The data have informed publications; supporting impact case studies. This initiative commercialises, industrialises and consumerises biomechanics research.