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The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability of a novel device in assessing isometric hamstring strength and determine whether isometric and eccentric strength imbalances remain in previously injured Gaelic footballers from the previous season. A total of 70 amateur Gaelic Footballers were tested in the preseason period (January to March 2020) and 45 of these players were tested on two separate occasions no more than 7 days apart to determine the test-retest reliability of the new Isometric hamstring strength assessment approach. The Nordic hamstring exercise was used to determine maximal hamstring eccentric Torque using the Nordbord testing system™. The isometric testing showed a moderate to high reliability ICC (CI 95%) of 0.89 (CI 0.79-0.94) with the typical error of 7.7 % (6.9-9.7%). Those with previous HSI had significantly lower Isometric strength for the involved side when comparing to the non-involved side in terms of Absolute force, Relative force, Absolute Torque, Relative torque (p