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The purpose of the present study was to correlate the external load of an official soccer match with the percent change in the countermovement jump variables in professional soccer players and to analyze the differences between moments (pre, immediately post and 24 hours post-match). The main findings were the correlations between the percentage of change in the CMJ variables and the external load very strong between JH1 with ACC4; JH2 with D23, HSR, ACC1 and DCC2; JT1 with ACC4; PP1 with ACC3; RFDB1 with ACC4; RPD1 and RPD2 with D7. On the other hand, differences were found in PF between pre and post, in PP between post and 24h, RFDB between pre and post. Through our results we conclude that the change in the vertical jump with countermovement is correlated with the external load performed during a match in professional players, so that the assessment of the mechanical variables of the jump on force platforms is a practical option to assess fatigue after a soccer match. An individual analysis is also necessary to know the intra-player differences because the group analysis is influenced by the external load.

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