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Functional movement patterns (e.g., stepping, lunging) underlie higher-order skills (e.g., throwing, jumping). Thus, better jump performance may be associated with higher Functional Movement Screen (FMS) scores. We examined this relationship in 25 female university soccer players. Pearson Correlation was used to determine associations between FMS scores (out of 21) and CMJ height (cm), reactive strength (RSI-mod, m/s), and peak concentric, eccentric and landing forces (N/kg). FMS (14.68 ± 2.43) was moderately associated with jump height (23.78 ± 5.94 cm), r(23)=0.54, p≤0.05 and RSI-mod (0.22 ± 0.06 m/s), r(23)=0.44, p≤0.05. University women’s soccer players who had higher FMS scores also jumped higher and had greater reactive strength. Ensuring functional movement pattern proficiency may enhance CMJ performance.