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The purpose of this study was to compare elbow valgus torque and shoulder distraction force in pre-professional American and Dominican Republic (DR) pitchers. Kinematics that are known to influence elbow valgus torque and shoulder distraction force were also compared. Three dimensional biomechanical analyses were performed on Dominican Republic (n = 37) and American (n = 37) baseball pitchers. Potential difference between Dominican Republic and American pitchers were assessed through analysis of covariance with 95% confidence intervals. Age, hand dominance, and pitch velocity are known to influence elbow torque and shoulder force, therefore these confounding variables were controlled for within the analyses. Pre-professional Dominican Republic pitchers were found to throw fastballs with slower ball velocity but experienced increased elbow valgus torque compared to their American counterparts. Increased elbow valgus torque and inefficient pitching mechanics among Dominican Republic pitchers should be considered when developing training programs and pitching plans for professional pitchers from the Dominican Republic.