Injury prevention

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Ankle sprains are common in runners. Inactive peroneal longus (PL) is one of the main contributors. The aim of this project was to study the immediate effect of running with a gentle heel strike (GHS) on pre-landing activation of the PL. It was hypothesised that GHS would pre-activate the PL to a greater extent. 11 healthy participants partook in two separate trials. The first involved running on a force plate treadmill with normally, the second with ~70% of mean heel pressure (MHP). GHS showed higher pre-landing PL activated level. There was data showing significant differences between groups at multiple timepoints. The present study showed that running with ~70% MHP compared with 100% increased PL activation for pre-landing phases. Further study should be implemented to see the fatigue level of PL during pro-longed running when running gently.