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We aimed to examine the associations between exercise-induced flattening of the foot arch and fatigue of extrinsic and intrinsic foot muscles. Fifteen male participants repeated 100 hops/set until they could no longer maintain the hop frequency or had completed 30 sets. The sagittal plane range of motion (ROM) of the midfoot during stance phase significantly decreased at the final set compared to the initial set (-8.8°). After the fatigue task, MRI T2 relaxation time in all measured extrinsic and intrinsic foot muscles significantly increased (17.2‒37.4%); however, only its increase in the tibialis posterior (TP) correlated with the relative change in midfoot ROM (r = 0.684). These results suggest that fatigue of TP is associated with the occurrence of flattening of the foot arch. This study provides a clinical implication that monitoring midfoot kinematics can be used to assess the condition of TP.