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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) re-injury rates are high in collegiate athletes. Squats and countermovement jumps (CMJ) are commonly used for assessments and training after ACL reconstruction (ACLR). The purpose was to quantify the differences and correlations in kinetic asymmetries between squats and CMJs in collegiate athletes following ACLR. Fourteen athletes performed 1-2 squats and CMJs within 24-month following ACLR for a total of 25 assessments. Greater kinetic asymmetries showed in CMJs than squats. Kinetic asymmetries strongly correlated between the ascending and descending phases in squats and moderately between the jumping and landing phases in CMJs. Two phases of squats moderately correlated with the jumping phase of CMJs but the landing phase. CMJ kinetic asymmetries should be directly assessed and trained for mitigating ACL re-injury risk.