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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Tai Chi practice on postural sway during standing. Thirty-eight older people participated during COVID-19 extended restrictions, a Tai Chi group (n=18, more than five years’ experience) and a Control group (n=20, no Tai Chi experience). Postural sway was quantified under four different conditions:1) eyes open (EO); 2) eyes closed (EC); 3) eyes open and cross step with right leg forward (ER) and 4) cross step with left leg forward (EL). Significantly less postural sway was observed in Tai Chi group, particularly during EO and EL conditions. The findings of this study support the positive effects of Tai Chi practice on balance control. During the COVID-19, although older people in the nursing home limited their outdoor mobility, Tai Chi practice maintained their physical function during standing balance.