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The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of running economy in male runners wearing Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%2(N), Qiaodan Feiying pb2(Q), and Xtep2(X) footwear. Twelve male middle-caliber runners (mean±SD, age: 21.0±2.0year, maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max): 51.2±3.7ml/kg/min) attended 4 sessions. The first session consisted of a VO2max test to inform subsequent RE speeds set at 60%, 70%, and 80% of the speed eliciting VO2max (ʋVO2max). In subsequent sessions, treadmill RE was assessed in the 3 footwear conditions in a randomized, counterbalanced crossover design. Oxygen consumption (ml/kg/min) and energy expenditure (W/kg) was lesser in Q vs. X at 80% of ʋVO2max, and there had a significant difference between Q、N and X (p2max (p>0.05). Overall, Qiaodan Feiying pb2 improved RE and energy expenditure in middle-caliber male runners at 80% of ʋVO2max compared to Xtep2, but these improvements had no differences among the 3 types of footwear at 60% and 70% of ʋVO2max.