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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week gait retraining on the morphological properties of medial gastrocnemius. Thirty-four male habitual rearfoot strike runners were recruited and randomized divided into gait training group and control group. The medial gastrocnemius morphological properties were measured using an ultrasound device before and after training. A two-way repeated measures ANOVA (group × time) was used for analysis. The significance level was set as 0.05. The results found that after 12-week gait retraining, there was no significant group main effect and interaction effect for all parameters. A main effect of time was observed in the fascicle length (p = 0.016) and normalized fascicle length (p = 0.026). After training, the fascicle length for the GR and CON groups significantly increased by 8.5% (GR) and 2.2% (CON), and the normalized fascicle length increased by 8.8% (GR) and 2.0% (CON). It was indicated that both gait retraining and running training effectively increase the fascicle length of the medial gastrocnemius, thereby providing potential means of increasing the velocity of muscle contraction and reducing the risk of a calf strain while running.

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