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The study aimed to assess the accuracy of the three wrist-worn heart rate monitors compared with a chest strap monitor at different aerobic exercise levels. Ten college students completed a three-level incremental load training on the elliptical machine with different brands of wrist-worn tracking devices including the Apple Iwatch7, Huawei Runner and Garmin 945. Polar H10 was used to measure HR as the gold standard. Huawei Runner showed the best agreement with Polar H10 (r = 0.981) followed by the Apple Iwatch (r = 0.973), the Garmin 945 was the most imprecise device (r= 0.866) when exercising on elliptical trainer. The paired relative error showed the best correlation between the Apple Iwatch7 and polar H10 both during exercise at 0.0 (± 0.5) and during resting at -0.1 (± 0.4). The mean output value ratio of Apple Iwatch7 was 78.10% (± 13.30%), while there wasn’t the missing HR data in the Huawei and Garmin devices. There was no significant difference between left and right hands. The Apple and Huawei devices measured HR with acceptable accuracy during aerobic exercise. While the proportion of missing HR data of Apple Iwatch is more than 20% during exercise in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement by deleting potentially problematic data automatically. This problem needs to be considered for high-precision continuous monitoring scenarios.