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Crossover running gait patterns can obstruct the measurement of 2D rearfoot inversion angle typically determined from back view video recordings. This study aimed to compare the rearfoot inversion angle at the initial footstrike of running measured from front and back camera views. Twenty healthy female runners were recruited and 2D kinematic analysis was employed to analyse 7 consecutive gait cycles. Rearfoot inversion angles measured from both front and back camera views were compared using paired t-test. Results showed that 6 participants (30%) displayed a crossover gait. There was a significant difference between the front (11.7° [10.1°, 13.3°]) and back (7.2° [4.7°, 9.8°]) camera views (p < 0.001, d = 0.883). This indicates rearfoot inversion angle measured from the front and back camera views cannot be used interchangeably. While the method offers a possibility to measure rearfoot inversion angle from the front view, the results cannot be directly compared to those obtained from the back camera view. In conclusion, this study demonstrated that rearfoot inversion angle at the initial footstrike could be quantified from front view videos for runners with crossover gait.