Injury prevention

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Achilles tendon (AT) tendinopathy was reported to be the pathology with one of the highest incidences of all running-related injuries. Non-rearfoot FP has been proposed to be the risk factor for AT overload. T2* relaxation time of Achilles tendon is considered to be a marker of AT tendinopathy. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare T2* relaxation time of Achilles tendon (AT) between recreational runner population with rearfoot (RF) and non-rearfoot (NR) footfall patterns (FP). Twenty-two middle age recreational runners (11 rearfoot and 11 non-rearfoot), matched according to running distance, participated in this study. Resting T2* relaxation time was determined using a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging technique. Lower extremity kinematics and kinetics were recorded during over-ground running at a self-selected speed. No significant differences were found between T2* relaxation time of the insertion portion of the AT between RF and NR runners. Structural properties of the most injured part of the AT is not affected by running FP in healthy middle-aged runners.