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Back pain and back-related injuries are common in firefighters. The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of two different types of strength and conditioning programmes in improving back muscle fatigability in firefighters. A total of 12 male firefighters completed 16 weeks on supervised exercise intervention programme. The Functional Group was prescribed unilateral movements that mimicked the asymmetrical nature of firefighting tasks. The Conventional Group performed more bilaterally loaded, symmetrical exercise training. The lumbar extensor muscles’ resistance to fatigue was assessed using the Modified Sorensen test with electromyography (EMG). The EMG median frequency slope was less steep (p = 0.023, η²p =0.420) after training, indicating improvement in fatigability. There was no difference between the groups (p = .605, η²p = 0.028) and no interaction effect (p = 0.245, η²p =0.132). In conclusion, a well-rounded strength and conditioning programme is promising in improving back muscle fatigability in firefighters.