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The purpose of the study was to understand lower limb stabilization strategies during the acceleration phase of dart throwing in athletes at different levels. Multi-Axis Force Plates and 3D Motion Capture were adopted to collect data. Six male darts athletes, including three elite athletes and three sub elite athletes, throw darts to hit Bull's Eye abiding the rules of the World Darts Federation. The study shows that during acceleration phase, the ground reaction force of elite athletes changes substantially, while the change of ground reaction force of sub elite athletes was relatively small. Significant difference of the change in the front foot ground reaction force (GRF) on a vertical axis is reached (p<0.05). The cause may be because the elite players use greater GRF transition from rear foot and front foot than sub elite players. On the contrast, sub elite athletes are still in the stage of integration, thus lower limb movement is minimized in order to stabilize the throw.