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Basketball involves high-mileage running and repeated jumps. The goal of this study was to compare pre- and post-kinetic variables involved in jumping between basketball shoes with different inflicted mileage. Eleven NCAA Division I basketball athletes (20.5±1.4 years, 195.1±5.7 cm, 86.7±10.9 kg) performed a countermovement jump (CMJ), a rebound countermovement jump (CMJ-R), and a Multi-Rebound (MR) for four rounds on force platforms. Each round, athletes switched between brand-new (New) and worn (Worn) Dame 8 basketball shoes. Kinetic variables associated with each jump task were compared across shoe type. Several kinetic variables differed significantly between shoe type; however, the magnitude of difference was small-to-moderate. These results suggest that the Dame 8 withstands the high mileage imposed by high-level competition basketball.