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Updated extinction risk assessments of Madagascar’s freshwater decapod crustaceans reveal fewer threatened species but more Data Deficient species.
N Cumberlidge, J. Rasamy Razanabolana, C H. Ranaivoson, H H. Randrianasolo, M Sayer, L Máiz-Tomé, D Van Damme, and W R T Darwall


Molecular evidence for the assignment of the Cameroonian freshwater crab genus Louisea Cumberlidge
P A. Mvogo Ndongo, N Cumberlidge, T S. Poettinger, T Von Rintelen, J L. Tamesse, and C D. Schubart


Where and How Wolves (Canis lupus) Kill Beavers (Castor canadensis)
Thomas Gable, Steve K. Windels, John G. Bruggink, and Austin T. Homkes

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