Submissions from 2017

Assessing Clinical Partnerships and Taking Action, Joe Lubig

Creating and Sustaining Authentic Clinical Partnerships, Joe Lubig

Sisu! A Regional Approach to Pre-K Through 12 and University Collaborations: Michigan Example, Joe Lubig

Low Stress Teacher Evaluation, Linda Ludwig

Active Learning Speed Dating: Which Strategy is Your Match?, Dawn Lundin

Driving Learning Interactions: Essential Elements of an Effective Online Teaching Model, Dawn Lundin

Facilitating Learning Across Various Cultures, Countries, and Classrooms, Dawn Lundin

From Ha-Ha to Ah Ha! – The Role of Humor in Facilitated Learning, Dawn Lundin

Increasing Student Engagement in Online Course thru the Strategic Use of VoiceThread, Dawn Lundin

Nutrition for Trail Runners, Dawn Lundin

Personal Knowledge Management for Higher Education Professionals: Staying Fresh in the Field, Dawn Lundin

The A, B, C’s of the X, Y…now Z? The Tides of Change with the Next Generation of Students in our 21st Century Universities, Dawn Lundin

Why Don’t Our Students Seem to be Learning Much? Lessons From Student Development and Critical Theory, Dawn Lundin

Wired to Connect: Linking Social Intelligence to Positive Student Involvement and outcomes, Dawn Lundin

Infrastructure Tools for Efficient Cybersecurity Exercises, Jim Marquardson

Cyber Security Exercise Development: Protecting Your Institution While Giving Students Experience, Jim Marquardson and D. Gomillion

Would You Like a Fitdesk With Your Book? What About a Bike?, Kevin McDonough

A New Language of Dissent: Female Autobiography’s Revolution of ‘Film’ as Verb, Gabrielle McNally

Film as Verb: Documentary Imperfection in the Post-Truth Era, Gabrielle McNally

Acute effects of the speedmaker resistive sprint device: electromyography and kinematics, R Meidinger, M Clark, and Sarah B. Clarke

Acute effects of the SpeedMaker resistive sprint device: electromyography and kinematics, R. Meidinger, Randall L. Jensen, S. Clarke, and M. Clark

Role of the Muon in Semiconductor Research, Patrick Mengyan

A first look at Anatase TiO2, Patrick W. Mengyan, J. Horn, R. Lichti, and J. Lord

Habitat preference of juvenile lake sturgeon in the presence of brook trout at varying densities, A. Milam and Jill B.K. Leonard

Saving the Earth with the Power of the Sun: Solar Energy Advocacy in the US since the 1950s, Sarah Mittlefehldt

The Politics of Green Energy: What History Can Teach Us About the Cultural & Political Challenges of Developing Renewable Energy Technologies, Sarah Mittlefehldt

Looking at Trends in Fully Online and MOOC Spaces Presented at Computers and Writing, Elizabeth A. Monske

Lingering dynamic balance decrements in college athletes after acute phase of mild traumatic brain injury compared to controls, Marguerite T. Moore, J. Carlson, J. Hamachek, J. Young, and K. Kangas

Issues Unique & Specific to Rural Colleges/Universities, R. Morris and Julie Rochester

Leveraging Technology Innovativeness to Improve Instructional Technology Adoption, Madison Ngafeeson

Leveraging Technology Innovativeness to Improve Instructional Technology Adoption, Madison Ngafeeson


Asking the Tough Questions: Teaching Literature and Nonfiction through Critical Literacy to Recapture Our Voices, Agency, and Mission, Elsie L. Olan, Wendy Farkas, and Kia Jane Richmond


Disrupting Notions of Stigma while Empowering Voices: Examining Language Identity, Mental Illness, and Disability through Young Adult Literature, Elsie L. Olan, Wendy Farkas, and Kia Jane Richmond

It Says on the Label: Cataloging and Classifying Denial Literature in Academic Libraries, Catherine Oliver

It Says on the Label…: The Library Bill of Rights, The Library Daily Grind, and How Catalogers Cope with It All, Catherine Oliver

RDA, MARC, DH: OMG, SMH, Catherine Oliver


It Just Doesn’t Add Up: Grammatical Number in Spanish and English, Amy S. Orf

Moufang and Commutants Elements in Groupoids, J D. Phillips

The Patagonia Effect,, J D. Phillips

Two Variations on a Theme by Moufang, J D. Phillips

Effects of pH and temperature on the harpacticoid Tisbe biminiensis growth, survivorship, and morphology, N. Pittoors and Jill B.K. Leonard

A Reading from Nikki Craft: “An open letter to men who say they believe in freedom and equality" (from 1981), Sara Potter

Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Power, Hegemony, and Blame in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter

Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Understand Power, Hegemony, and Blame in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter

Effects of neurotensin analogs on footshock-conditioned 22-kHz vocalizations in rats, Adam J. Prus

Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Prize Panel, David L. Prychitko

Voluntary Governance: Foundations, Failures, and the Future, David L. Prychitko

Groupwork that Works!, Judith Puncochar

Commitment and Action for the Public Good in the Absence of Belief Systems, Judith Puncochar and D. Faust

Playing with Our Food, Marty Reinhardt

Revitalizing Endangered Indigenous Languages, Marty Reinhardt

Spirit Food: An Overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project, Marty Reinhardt

The Indigenous Identity of Food, Marty Reinhardt

The Shared Responsibility for American Indian Education, Marty Reinhardt

Treaties & Food Systems, Marty Reinhardt

Why it's time to move beyond red-yellow-green behavior management and alternatives to get you started, Laura A. Reissner

Music Composition in the Secondary Classroom, A. Reynolds and Amorette Languell


NCTE State Affiliate Extravaganza II: Michigan Council of Teachers of English MYAF Creative Writing Program, Kia Jane Richmond

A herpetological study of Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, USVI, C. Richter, S. DiGiulio, and Jill B.K. Leonard

Getting off the Ground as an FAR – An Orientation Session for New FARs (and Re-Orientation for Not-So-New FARs), Julie Rochester

Assisting Student-Athletes with "Crisis" on Campus, Julie Rochester, K. Hancock, A. Acosta, and A. Beaton

Independent Medical Care, Julie Rochester, A. Trenkler, B. Murphy, and D. Buth

Validation of the National Institutes of Health Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (NIH PROMIS) Survey as a Quality of Life Instrument for Patients with Primary Malignant Brain Tumors and their Caregivers, Melissa Romero

Intercomparison of offshore weather buoys: an analysis of weather and wave data collection equipment, H. Roth, Norma J. Froelich, and J. Lenters

The Buffon Needle Experiment, Daniel Rowe

Scaffolding Information Literacy across Courses: Approaches Used at Northern Michigan University and Michigan Tech, J. Sams, Michael F. Strahan, and L. Movlai

Tracks Across the U.P., Bruce Sarjeant

To XC or Not to XC: Let’s Start a Barfight Over this Question, Gary Stark

Legal issues in athletic training, M. Stoessner, M. Seger, M. McWilliams, and Julie Rochester

Searching Nursing Literature: Revisiting Discovery Services vs. Specialized Databases, Michael F. Strahan and M. Boulanger

Near-infrared spectroscopy measures of prefrontal cortex oxygenation following mild traumatic brain injury, T. Susa; K. Kangas; Marguerite T. Moore Ph.D, AT, ATC; and J. Carlson

Lampricide-induced growth and metabolic response of aged 0 lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), M. Symbal and Jill B.K. Leonard

Subdifferentials of nonlinear scalarization functions and applications, Bao Q. Truong

Diaspora and Borderlands in Silvia Plager’s La Rabina, Rebecca Ulland

The comparison of knee joint kinematics between two types of stop jump, Josh Walker, Sarah B. Clarke, and Randall L. Jensen

Self-Publications for Criminal Justice Courses – An alternative approach, Greg Warchol

Transnational Crime’s Role in the Illegal Wildlife Trade, Greg Warchol

Artist lecture and studio demonstration, Dale Wedig

Owning “Murse” Professional Role Development in Male Nursing Students, Helen M. Wedin Dr. and M. Copenhaver

From Earth to sky: Using drones to map 3D surface, Carl Wozniak and C. Boileau

On a Compound Duality Classification for Geometric Programming, Qinghong Zhang

From YouTube to the Berlinale: European Representations of Refugees in Fiction and Film, Anna E. Zimmer

Whodunit?: The Global Refugee Crisis and Implicated Subjects in German Crime Fiction, Anna E. Zimmer

Usage of Islamic Banking and Financial Services by United States Muslims, Brian A. Zinser

Usage of Islamic Banking and Financial Services by United States Muslims, Brian A. Zinser

Submissions from 2016

Ernst Cassirer's history of the language sciences, David Boe

Blended-Landscape Communities and Forested Habitats: Accounting for Perceptions Within and Beyond the Urban Fringe, James G. Cantrill Dr.

Heading Off Forestry Management Conflict: Lessons from the Field of Environmental Communication., James G. Cantrill Dr.

Facilitating or limiting competition: Rules on advertising and unfair competition, Hugo Eyzaguirre


Paradise Lost: Cuban Exile Filmmaker León Ichaso, Amy S. Orf


Educating the Under Empowered for Tolerance of Satire and Participation in Young Democracies, Judith Puncochar and Don Faust

Disciplinary Literacy: Overcoming Roadblocks to Student Engagement in Science and Beyond, Kia Jane Richmond, Mitchell Klett, and JoeyLynn Selling


Reactive strength index-modified in different plyometric tasks, Josh Walker, Sarah B. Clarke, Emma Waller, Aaron Robey-Broome, and Randall L. Jensen


REACTIVE STRENGTH INDEX-MODIFIED IN DIFFERENT PLYOMETRIC TASKS, Josh Walker, Sarah B. Clarke, Emma Waller, Aaron Robey-Broome, and Randall L. Jensen


Presentism Redux, Harry Whitaker

Submissions from 2015

Hodgepodge reconfirmed: Pre-service teachers’ assessment of 7th-grade students’ learning., Derek L. Anderson and Andrew Mills

Murray, lexicography, and historical principles, David Boe

A Web Portal to Span the Public and Agency Divide: 2.0, Communities of Practice, and Human Dimensions Research regarding Natural Resource Management, James G. Cantrill Dr.


Lower limb coordination during a land-cut task following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and rehabilitation, Sarah B. Clarke, Ian Kenny, and Andrew Harrison

The role of gender on the variability of joint kinematics and kinetics in uninjured athletes during a match specific land-cut task, Sarah B. Clarke, Ian Kenny, and Andrew Harrison