Submissions from 2015

The role of previous anterior cruciate ligament injury on the variability of joint kinematics and coordination during a match specific land-cut task, Sarah B. Clarke, Ian Kenny, and Andrew Harrison

Factors associated with NCAA division I cross-country team rankings, S Cousineau, Sarah B. Clarke, Emily Guseman, and Scott Drum


How does “collaboration” occur at all? Remarks on epistemological issues related to understanding / working with ‘the other’, Don Faust and Judith Puncochar


How does “collaboration” occur at all? Remarks on epistemological issues related to understanding / working with ‘the other’, Don Faust and Judith Puncochar

Cats as Detectives in Library Mysteries, Mary P. Freier


Virtual Exosuit with Haptic Feedback, Mark Haara, Vivian Stark, Dallas Johnson, Jeff Horn, and Mounia Ziat

Employer Liability for Using Social Media in Hiring Decisions, Claudia Hart, Margo Vroman, Karin Stulz, and Emily Stulz

The Effects of Head Impacts from the Water in College Aged Divers, Hawkins H and Marguerite Moore


Minimum Richness Equilibrium and Sudoku, Jeffrey Horn

Finish time gaps in distance cross-country ski races: Gender and race start type differences, Benjamin Hugus and Carl Wozniak

En torno a lo lúdico: La cultura naipesca en el teatro de Cervantes, Michael Joy

Digigogy: Toward A Pedagogy of Connections, Chris Kirk, Patricia Hogan, and Breanne R. Carlson


The acute effects of the prevent injury enhance performance programme (pep) on acl injury risk factors, Chris McCann and Sarah B. Clarke

Muscle Energy Workshop, Marguerite Moore

Validity and Reliability of Pediatric ImPACT in Five to Twelve Year Olds, Marguerite Moore and N Cornell

Return to Learn and Play after Concussion in Kids 5-12, Marguerite Moore and B Murphy


The Thing about -ing, Amy S. Orf


Collaboration Opportunities with the Society to Enhance Indonesian Citizenry by Furthering Higher Education with the Liberal Arts (SEICHE), Judith Puncochar and Don Faust

Differentiating Homework, Laura A. Reissner


“Developing Ideas into Articles: Strategies for Publishing about Your Teaching.”, Kia Jane Richmond

Reconsidering Reflective Writing across the College Curriculum: Promoting Individual Growth, Knowledge Transfer and Social Connections, Kia Jane Richmond, Matthew Kilian McCurrie, and Lori Nelson


Preparing 21st Century English Teachers: Using Young Adult Literature to Challenge Stereotyping and Reduce Stigma of Marginalized Populations, Kia Jane Richmond, Maureen McDermott, and Tiffany Rehbein


“Practicing What We Teach in Writing Methods: Crossover Strategies for Preparing Elementary and Secondary English Language Arts Teachers”, Kia Jane Richmond, Allison Wynhoff Olsen, Matthew Kilian McCurrie, and Maureen McDermott

"From the Individual to the Collective: Acts of Resistance for Social Transformation in Pregs Govender's Love and Courage.", Jaspal Kaur Singh

Searching Nursing Literature: Discovery Services vs. Specialized Databases, Michael F. Strahan and Mary E. Boulanger

Cultural Diversity and Health: Planning Advocacy from Afar, Mary Jane Tremethick Ph.D., R.N. MCHES, FAAHE and Eileen Smit MSN, FNP-BC

Abusing Hugh Davis, Alan Scot Willis


Felony Disenfranchisement: A Literature Review, Carter A. Wilson Dr.


The Myth of American Exceptionalism, Carter A. Wilson Dr.

Submissions from 2014


Comparison of kinematics and accuracy of overhand american football throwing, Cale Anderson, Sarah Breen, and Randall L. Jensen

Teaching Teachers how to Teach about World Religions, Derek Anderson

Altering Knowledge but Not Religiosity: A Field Experience on World Religions., Derek L. Anderson and Tanya Cook

The Ignored Religious Other: Atheist Pre-service Teachers and the Teaching of World Religions., Derek L. Anderson, Holly Mathys, and Tanya Cook

OpenSim K-12 Power Panel: Effectively Engaging and Teaching Grade-Schoolers in Self-hosted Virtual Worlds, A. Benassi, D. Deeds, M. Howard, Carolyn Lowe, A. Philainen, and A. Wheelock

Performance contracts: Educational goals and educational program monitoring (In other words…Section 7B and 7C of Contract), Bethney M. Bergh and KC Holder

Ferdinand de Saussure's theory of anagrams revisited, David Boe


Changes in running gait parameters during a 161 km trail race, Sarah Breen, Mitchell Stephenson, Randall L. Jensen, and Scott Drum

Using self-study to navigate the changing seas of standards-based education, Abby Cameron-Standerford, Bethney M. Bergh, and Christi Edge

PDF 2.0: An Interagency Web Portal on the Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management., James G. Cantrill Dr.

Literacy Power Inverter: (Re)Discovering Texts for Content-Area Literacy in the Elementary Classroom, Christi U. Edge


Reading and Composing the Classroom As Text: Illuminating Two Second-Year English Teachers’ Meaning Making from Classroom Events through Narrative Inquiry, Christi U. Edge

Story as a Transactional Space for Teachers and Students: Examining How a Second-Year English Teacher Made Meaning Before, During, and After Teaching through Stories Lived and Told, Christi U. Edge

A tale of five coaches: Investigating dialogic interactions between coaches and literacy teachers-in-training, E. Ford-Connors, D. A. Robertson, Melanie Reaves, J. R. Paratore, and G. Kamberelis

Rare Books in Detective Fiction: Information as Object, Mary P. Freier

Secret Sisters? Finding Delta Kappa Gamma Attributes in Children’s Literature Females, Sandra Imdieke

Learning by Doing as a Course Model, Jennifer James-Mesloh

Upper Peninsula Economic Development Data Collection and Marketing, Jennifer James-Mesloh

At-Risky Business: Empowering and Engaging At-Risk Youth Using a Wiki for Academic Service Learning, Kathryn Johnson

Connecting Globally and Giving Back: Using Video Conferencing and iClickers for Academic Service Learning, Kathryn Johnson

Knee joint mechanics after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Ian Kenny, Sarah B. Clarke, and Andrew Harrison

"The Volume of Blood Transfused Predicts Outcomes Following Congenital Cardiac Surgery" , A T. Legg, M M. Zubair, S Saharan, Robert J. Legg, and S Langley

Virtual world simulation for healthcare education, Carolyn Lowe and S. Gasior

Virtual world learning with real standards: K-12 standards-based learning in a virtual world, Carolyn Lowe and A. Pihlainen

“Do One Thing Every [Semester] That Scares You", Joe Lubig

The Story’s the Thing, Joe Lubig

Reflective Journaling and the Social Network, Lori Nelson SLPD, Mitchell Klett PhD, Kia Jane Richmond PhD, and Maria Guadalupe Arenillas PhD


Electronic Health Record (EHR) Adoption: Failure or Success?, Madison Ngafeeson


Examining Success in Health Information Technology Implementation Research, Madison Ngafeeson


Do the Math! Grading Scales and Grade Inflation, Amy S. Orf


Successive Study of Diversity Conference Evaluations of Presenters by Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Disability, Autumn M. Palmer, Christine M. Wilson, and Judith Puncochar


Furthering Liberal Arts in Indonesian Higher Education, Judith Puncochar


Mastery Learning in Calculus I Affects Student Learning, Grade Improvement, and Professor Exhaustion, Judith Puncochar and Don H. Faust

The Evolution of Best Practices in Service Learning at Northern Michigan University, Judith Puncochar, Rachel Harris, Charles Ganzert, and Jennifer James-Mesloh

Exploring the role of affective investments in cultural artifacts within early literacy learning, Melanie Reaves

Interest-based, purpose-driven learning dialogues: Collaboratively producing an e-cookbook, Melanie Reaves and G. Kamberelis

Early authoring as multimodal embodied practice: Opening a dialogue, Melanie Reaves, G. Kamberelis, and J. Kidd

“Hail to the Queen”: Reading development within an interest-based tutoring program, A. Sanders, Melanie Reaves, G. Kamberelis, and T. Frahm

Five Rules of Marketing Insights from the Superior Engine Story, Bruce Sherony, Irvin Zaenglein, and Michael F. Strahan

“The Sacred and the Secular: The Formation of Sikh Identity in Anita Rau Badami’s Can You Hear the Night Bird Call?”, Jaspal Kaur Singh


Short duration campaign simulation increases high school students' civic engagement skills and knowledge, Taylor E. Tillotson and Judith Puncochar

From Start to Scholarly Finish: Best practices for developing and evaluating virtual world educational modules, R. Umoren and Carolyn Lowe

Wildlife Trafficking: Toward a typology of offender behavior, Greg Warchol


Impact of a Diversity Conference on University Curriculum, Recruitment, and Accreditation Efforts, Christine M. Wilson, Autumn M. Palmer, and Judith Puncochar

Life in the Devonian, Carl Wozniak

Submissions from 2013

"Geoarchaeology on the Cusp of Changing the World" , John Anderton, J Paquette, M Buckmaster, and Robert J. Legg

Top Ten for Student Teachers: What You Really Need to Know Before Student Teaching in a Special Education Classroom, Abby Cameron-Standerford

"Results of the Global Conservation of the Freshwater Crabs" , Neil Cumberlidge

"Exploring a Native American Early Fur Trade Site with Ground Penetrating Radar in the Northern Great Lakes" , Robert J. Legg and John Anderton

Using Young Adult Lliterature to Help Students Break Stereotypes and Confront the Stigma of Mental Illness, Kia Jane Richmond

Submissions from 2012

The role of previous anterior cruciate ligament injury on the variability of joint kinematics and coordination during a match specific land-cut task, Sarah Breen, Ian Kenny, and Andrew Harrison

"Diversity and Conservation of the Freshwater Crabs of Eastern Africa" , Neil Cumberlidge

The Continental Op and Women, Mary P. Freier

Creativity and Service Learning in the French Classroom, Nell Kupper

Out of Sight, Out of Memory, Nell Kupper

"Ground Penetrating Radar of Archeological Sites on Grand Isle, Michigan" , Robert J. Legg and John Anderton


A study to investigate the reliability and consistency of the sports tutor tennis cube velocity, trajectory and landing points, Michelle Norris, Sarah Breen, Ross Anderson, and Ian Kenny


The development of a new protocol to assess performance measure in sports, Michelle Norris, Sarah Breen, Ross Anderson, and Ian Kenny


ELIS: Embedded Library Instruction Services, Michael F. Strahan and SaraJane Jones Tompkins

Submissions from 2011

:"Landscapes of conflict, a Geographers Experience in Israel" , Robert J. Legg

"A Contested Landscape in the Northern Great Lakes: Geospatial Approaches to Cultural Resource Survey on the Yellow Dog Plains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula" , Robert J. Legg and John Anderton

Submissions from 2010

"An Overview of the Afrotropical Freshwater Crab Fauna: Diversity, Evolution, Biogeography, and Conservation" , Neil Cumberlidge

"Diversity, Endemism, and Conservation of the Freshwater Crabs of Tropical Asia with Special Reference to China" , Neil Cumberlidge

"Freshwater Decapod Conservation: Recent Progress and Future Challenges" , Neil Cumberlidge

" The Freshwater Environment and its major threats" , Neil Cumberlidge

Creativity and Religious Forms as Healing, Nell Kupper

It Takes a Community: Building or Expanding a French Program, Nell Kupper

"Comparison of Spatial Modeling for Climate Inputs in the Mediterranean Region Using Limited Data" , Robert J. Legg and N Diodato

"Massive Dune Building in Interior Eastern Upper Michigan USA is Temporarily Correlated with the Hydrologic Closure of the Upper Great Lakes and Spatially Confined Below 245 M ASL" , W L. Loope, H M. Loope, R J. Goble, T G. Fisher, D E. Lytle, Robert J. Legg, and D A. Wysocki

"The Freshwater Crabs of Lake Kivu with Comparisons to the Faunas of Other Central African Rift Valley Lakes" , Kirstin S. Meyer and Neil Cumberlidge


“Constructing Conservative Christian American Identity from (Mis)Constructed History” , Alan Willis