Submissions from 2019


Using literacy quadrants in preparing teachers of writing: Reflective tools for identity, agency, and dialogue, Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond

Using literacy quadrants in preparing teachers of writing: Reflective tools for identity, agency, and dialogue., Kia Jane Richmond

Muon probes of temperature-dependent charge carrier kinetics in semiconductors, K Yokoyama, J S. Lord, P W. Mengyan, M R. Goeks, and R L. Lichti

Submissions from 2018

In the presence of conflicting gaze cues, fearful expression and eye‐size guide attention, Joshua M. Carlson and J. Aday


Changes in balance and joint position sense during a 12-day high altitude trek: The British Services Dhaulagiri medical research expedition, Sarah B. Clarke, Kevin Deighton, Caroline Newman, Gareth Nicholson, Liam Gallagher, Christopher J. Boos, Adrian Mellor, David R. Woods, and John P. O'Hara


Genomic Insights Into Natural Selection in the Common Loon (Gavia immer): Evidence for Aquatic Adaptation, Zach G. Gayk, Diana Le Duc, Jeffrey Horn, and Alec R. Lindsay Ph. D.


Salary Compression Among University Faculty: A Review and Case Study of Remediation and Prevention in a Collective Bargaining Environment, Brent Graves and Dale Kapla

An examination of mental illness, stigma, and language in My Friend Dahmer, Kia Jane Richmond


Dynamics of Heavy Carriers in the Ferromagnetic Superconductor UGe2, V G. Storchak, J H. Brewer, D G. Eshchenko, Patrick W. Mengyan, O E. Parfenov, and A M. Tokmachev


Barrier model in muon implantation and application to Lu2O3, R C. Vilao, R B L. Vieira, H V. Alberto, J M. Gil, A Weidinger, R L. Lichti, Patrick W. Mengyan, B B. Baker, and J S. Lord

Submissions from 2017

Structural MRI‐based measures of neuroplasticity in an extended amygdala network as a target for attention bias modification treatment outcome, J. Aday and Joshua M. Carlson

The effects of a rubric-norming workshop on the variability of elementary pre-service teachers’ scoring practices., Derek L. Anderson, Sharon Bohhjanen, and J. Klipp


The US presidential election of 2016 and the political socialization of 8th-graders, Derek L. Anderson and J Zyhowski

A novel method to factor cubic polynomials: the ad-method, A. Barnsley, M. McCormick, Daniel Rowe, and M. Smith


A Novel Method to Factor Cubic Polynomials, Amy Barnsley, M. McCormick, D. Rowe, and M. Smith

Measuring tangrams on a geoboard, Carol Bell


The effect of high altitude on central blood pressure and arterial stiffness, Christopher Boos, Emmanuel Vincent, Adrian Mellor, David Woods, Caroline Newman, Richard Cruttenden, Matt Barlow, Mark Cooke, Kevin Deighton, Peter Scott, Sarah B. Clarke, and John O'Hara

Putting Place on a Plate Along the West Cork Food Trail, Michael Broadway

The neurotensin NTS1 receptor agonist PD149163 produces antidepressant-like effects in the forced swim test: Further support for neurotensin as a novel pharmacologic strategy for antidepressant drugs, L. Carey, R. Rice, and Adam J. Prus

Lost emotion: Disrupted brain‐based tracking of dynamic affective episodes in anxiety and depression, Joshua M. Carlson, D. Rubin, and L. R. Mujica‐Parodi


Analysis of academic administrators’ attitudes: annual evaluations and factors that improve teaching, Brian Cherry, Nathan Grasse, Dale Kapla, and Brad Hamel

Perceptions of Privatization in Michigan, Brian Cherry, N. Grasse, and D. Ihrke

Analysis of Academic Administrators’ Attitudes: Annual Evaluations and Factors that Improve Teaching, Brian Cherry, N. Grasse, D. Kapla, and B. Hamel


Fortifying the Self-Defense Justification of Punishment, Zac Cogley

The Beringian Coevolution Project: holistic collections of mammals and associated parasites reveal novel perspectives on evolutionary and environmental change in the North, J. Cook, Kurt Galbreath, K. Bell, M. Campbell, S. Carrière, J. Colella, N. Dawson, J. Dunnum, R. Eckerlin, S. Greiman, V. Fedorov, G. Haas, V. Haukisalmi, H. Henttonen, A. Hope, D. Jackson, T. Jung, A. Koehler, J. Kinsella, D. Kresja, S. Kutz, S. Liphardt, S. McDonald, J. Malaney, A. Makarikov, B. McLean, R. Mulders, N. Batsaikhan, S. Talbot, V. Tkach, A. Tsvetkova, H. Toman, E. Waltari, J. Whitman, and E. Hoberg

Fathers on Parole: Narratives from the Margin, Ann Crandell-Williams and A, McEnvoy

Dimensions and Implications of the BSW Mock Interview Process: Applying an Emergent Approach, Ann Crandell-Williams, A. K. Wyche, and K. Johnson

Potamonautes nheenae, a new species of freshwater crab from Gabon, Central Africa, with a description of the first known male of Erimetopus brazzae (A. Milne-Edwards, 1886) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae), N Cumberlidge

Redescription of Potamonautes walderi (Colosi, 1924) from the Lower Congo River basin in Central Africa (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae), N Cumberlidge


Updated extinction risk assessments of Madagascar’s freshwater decapod crustaceans reveal fewer threatened species but more Data Deficient species., N Cumberlidge, J. Rasamy Razanabolana, C H. Ranaivoson, H H. Randrianasolo, M Sayer, L Máiz-Tomé, D Van Damme, and W R T Darwall

Avoiding misperception and misuse of CrossFit®: seeking evidence-based best practice recommendations on training and injury, S. Drum, B. Bellovary, Randall L. Jensen, M. Moore, and L. Donath

Perceived demands and post-exercise physical dysfunction in Crossfit® compared to an ACSM based training session, S. Drum, B. Bellovary, Randall L. Jensen, M. Moore, and L. Donath


(Mis)Reading the Classroom: A Two-Act “Play” on the Conflicting Roles in Student Teaching, Christi U. Edge

A Derridean Account of Disciplinary Knowledge Differences: Disciplines and Interdisciplinarity as Relations-in-différance, Matthew Farris

Letter to a Stranger: Oaxaca, Matthew Gavin Frank

On Naming Bones, or, How to Ship a Mosquito, Matthew Gavin Frank


Estimating biomass of berries consumed by gray wolves, Thomas Gable, Steve K. Windels, and John G. Bruggink


The problems with pooling poop: confronting sampling method biases in wolf (Canis lupus) diet studies, T. Gable, S. Windels, John G. Bruggink, and S. Barber-Meyer

Using the Ideal Gas Law to Compare Two Common Carbon Dioxide Capturing Agents, Tom Getman

Highly Regioselective Gold-Catalyzed Formal Hydration of Propargylic gem- Difluorides, J. D. Hamel, T. Hayashi, M. Cloutier, Paul Savoie, M. Beaudoin, and J. F. Paquin

Auditing communication effectiveness in higher education: A team-based study by MBA students, Claudia Hart, T. Plemmons, M. Vroman, and K. Stulz

Auditing Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Team-Based Study by MBA Students, C. Hart, T. Plemmons, and Karin Stulz

Auditing Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Team-Based Study by MBA Students, C. Hart, T. Plemmons, Karin Stulz, and M. Vroman

Auditing Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Team-Based Project for MBA Students, C. Hart, K. Stulz, Margaret E. Vroman, and T. Plemmons

Changes in body condition of humpback chub Gila cypha in relation to environmental conditions in the Lower Colorado River, F. Hayes, M. J. Dodrill, Brandon Gerig, C. Finch, and W. E. Pine III

Autoreducibility of NP-complete Sets Under Strong Hypotheses, J. Hitchcock and Hadi Shafei

Arctic systems in the Quaternary: ecological collision, faunal mosaics and the consequences of a wobbling climate, E. Hoberg, J. Cook, S. Agosta, W. Boeger, Kurt Galbreath, S. Laaksonen, S. Kutz, and D. Brooks

Females in children’s literature who persevere, Sandra Imdieke

How do Polish immigrants in London reinforce local communities and influence the local economy?, Weronika Kusek

Geoarchaeological modeling of late Paleoindian site locations in the northwestern great lakes, Robert J. Legg PhD, R. Regis, J. Lambert, M. Liesch, and C. Travis


Geoarchaeological Modeling of Late Paleoindian Site Location in the Northwestern Great Lakes Region, Robert J. Legg, Robert R. Regis, John M. Lambert, Matthew Liesch, and Charles B. Travis

C’mon You Reds: The U.S.’s Communist Party’s Workers’ Soccer Association 1927-1935, Gabe Logan

Power and Resistance: Homeless Men Negotiating Masculinity, Jeanne Lorentzen


Changes in appetite, energy intake, body composition and circulating ghrelin constituents during an incremental trekking ascent to high altitude, Jamie Matu, John O'Hara, Neil Hill, Sarah B. Clarke, Christopher Boos, Caroline Newman, David Holdsworth, Theocharis Ispoglou, Lauren Duckworth, David Woods, Adrian Mellor, and Kevin Deighton

Changes in appetite, energy intake, body composition and circulating ghrelin constituents during an incremental trekking ascent to high altitude, J. Matu, J. O'Hara, N. Hill, Sarah B. Clarke, C. Boos, C. Newman, D. Holdsworth, T. Ispoglou, L. Duckworth, D. Woods, A. Mellor, and K. Deighton


British Services Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition: a unique military and civilian research collaboration, Adrian Mellor, Josh Bakker-Dyos, Marc Howard, Christopher Boos, Mark Cooke, Emmanuel Vincent, Peter Scott, John O'Hara, Sarah B. Clarke, Matt Barlow, Jamie Matu, Kevin Deighton, Caroline Newman, Richard Cruttenden, David Holdsworth, and David Woods

Healthcare IT: Current Research and Future Trends, V. Midha, Madison Ngafeeson, and K. Ghosh

Healthcare IT: Current Research and Future Trends, V. Midha, Madison Ngafeeson, and K. Ghosh

Life and Death in the Trenches, John Moschetti

Molecular evidence for the assignment of the Cameroonian freshwater crab genus Louisea Cumberlidge, P A. Mvogo Ndongo, N Cumberlidge, T S. Poettinger, T Von Rintelen, J L. Tamesse, and C D. Schubart

Morphological and molecular evidence for a new species of freshwater crab of the genus Sudanonautes Bott, 1955 (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae) from Cameroon, with notes on its ecology., P A. Mvogo Ndongo, C D. Schubart, T Von Rintelen, J L. Tamesse, and N Cumberlidge

New data on the taxonomy, ecology, and conservation of the rediscovered Louisea edeaensis (Bott, 1969) (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae), an endangered freshwater crab from Cameroon., P A. Mvogo Ndongo, T Von Rintelen, J L. Tamesse, and N Cumberlidge


Disrupting the dominant narrative: Beginning English teachers’ use of young adult literature and culturally responsive pedagogy., Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond


Storying our journey: Conversations about the literary canon and course development in secondary English education., Elsie L. Olan and Kia Jane Richmond

Characterizing growth of an endangered native fish Gila cypha: An assessment from the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, W. E. Pine III, Brandon Gerig, and C. Finch

Growth of the endangered Humpback Chub Gila cypha in relation to temperature and discharge in the Lower Colorado River, W. E. Pine III, K. Limberg, Brandon Gerig, C. Finch, D. Chagaris, L. Coggins, D. Speas, and D. Hendrickson

Using critical discourse anlaysis to understand power, personal agency, and accountability in the Stanford Rape Case, Sara Potter


Democracy and Higher Education in Indonesia and the United States, Judith Puncochar

Signatures of adaptive molecular evolution in American pika (Ochotona princeps), A. Rankin, Kurt Galbreath, and K. Teeter

Curriculum Development, Lesson Planning, and Delivery: A Guide to Native Language Immersion, Marty Reinhardt


Neurotensin NTS1 and NTS2 receptor agonists produce anxiolytic-like effects in the 22-kHz ultrasonic vocalization model in rats, Floyd F. Steele III, Shannon C. Whitehouse, Jacob S. Aday, and Adam J. Prus

Race and ethnicity as predictors of hospital-acquired conditions after total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty, Anne Stein

Gerald C. Godfrey’s Ludwig Drum Outfit, James Strain

Leedy Model 54 ‘Real Lite’ Xylophone, James Strain

Leedy Model 5602 Octarimba, James Strain

Ludwig Standard Black Beauty Snare Drum, James Strain

Scholarly Research Presentations, James Strain

Tablā Tarang, James Strain

Extraction of the Neutron Electric Form Factor from Measurements of Inclusive Double Spin Asymmetries, V. Sulkosky and William Tireman

Selecting Railway Investments in 1890s America, Joel Thompson

The State of Investment Analysis in 1927: On the Eve of Destruction, Joel Thompson

The time‐course for the capture and hold of visuospatial attention by fearful and happy faces, R. Torrence, E. Wylie, and Joshua M. Carlson

Ekeland's variational principle for vector optimization with variable ordering structure, Bao Q. Truong, G. Eichfelder, B. Soleimani, and C. Tammer

Subdifferentials of nonlinear scalarization functionals and applications, Bao Q. Truong, M. Hillmann, and C. Tammer

Necessary optimality conditions for minimax programming problems with mathematical constraints, Bao Q. Truong, P. Khahn, and P. Gupta

Artists still take an abstract view of the world at Sweetwater exhibit, Tracy Wascom


Sustained, not habituated, activity in the human amygdala during a dot‐probe task of attentional bias to threat, M. Weber, W. Rizer, K. Morrow, K. Kangas, R. Torrence, and Joshua M. Carlson

Indole-TEMPO conjugates alleviate ischemia-reperfusion injury via attenuation of oxidative stress and preservation of mitochondrial function, B. Wei, Y. Bi, X. Gao, P. Li, S. Hou, Y. Zhang, Catherine Bammert, S. Jockush, T. LeGalley, M. Gibson, and L. Bi

Triathlon Transition Study: Quantifying differences in running movement pattern and precision after bike-run-transition, C. Weich, Randall L. Jensen, and M. Vieten

Strong Duality and Dual Pricing Properties in Semi-Infinite Linear Programming: A non-Fourier–Motzkin Elimination Approach, Qinghong Zhang

Usage of Islamic banking and financial services by US Muslims, Brian A. Zinser

Submissions from 2016


A Moral Problem for Difficult Art, Antony Aumann


Facilitated Orienting Underlies Fearful Face Enhanced Gaze Cueing of Spatial Location, Joshua M. Carlson


Perceptions of council member– department head interactions in local government, Brian Cherry, Douglas Ihrke, Mike Ford, and Nate Grasse

Transformational Principles for NEON Sampling of Mammalian Parasites and Pathogens: A Response to Springer and Colleagues, J Cook, E Greiman, S Agosta, R Anderson, B Arbogast, R Baker, W Boeger, R Bradley, D Brooks, R Cole, J Demboski, A Dobson, J Dunnum, R Eckerlin, J Esselstyn, Kurt Galbreath, J Hawdon, S Kutz, V Tkach, Eric Hoberg, H Hoekstra, J Light, L Olson, B Patterson, J Patton, A Phillips, E Rickart, D Rogers, and M Siddall


From Museum Cases to the Classroom: Emerging Opportunities for Specimen-Based Education, Joseph Cook, Eileen Lacey, Steffi Ickert-Bond, Eric Hoberg, Kurt Galbreath, Kayce Bell, Stephen Greiman, Bryan McLean, and Scott Edwards


Two new species of freshwater crabs from the highlands of northern Uganda, East Africa and a redescription of Potamonautes amalerensis (Rathbun, 1935) stat. rev. from Mount Kadam (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae), Neil Cumberlidge and Paul F. Clark


Examining the Evolutionary Relationships Amongst Three Species of West African Freshwater Crabs, Liberonautes Bott, 1955 (Brachyura: Potamonautidae) Using MTDNA Sequence Data, Savel R. Daniels, Curtiss McLeod, Corissa Carveth, Konan K. Mexim, and Neil Cumberlidge


Textbook Confessions: Of Failures, Markets, and Government, Hugo Eyzaguirre, Tawni Hunt Ferrarini, and J. Brian O'Roark


How does “collaboration” occur at all? Remarks on epistemological issues related to understanding / working with ‘the other’., Don Faust and Judith Puncochar